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About Rainbow Bunny

This is a stepping stone for Rainbow Bunny

Rainbow Bunny is the meme icon of 2023 and the leading token in creating a Social for the crypto space community. THAT WILL BE A MOVEMENT. As you know, BSC Network is full of scam projects with very high fees; this will be the time for Rainbow Bunny to show off a transparent playground and bring value to the community.

Rainbow Bunny will carry on his mission to bring purity to the true Meme community, where comic and anime lovers can express themselves.

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Rainbow Bunny Strategy And Project Plan

Stealth Launch
  • • Contract Creation

  • • Website launch

  • • Successfull Rainbow Bunny Fantoken Launch

  • • Community Building

  • • Launch Pinksale

  • • Kol' marketing campaign

  • • Marketing push to spread awareness

  • • 5000 telegram members

  • • Meme development

  • • Airdrop

  • • Whitepaper V1

  • • 1st charity campaign

  • • Third party audit

  • • Influencer marketing push

  • • Listing on Coingecko – Coinmarketcap

  • • 10,000 telegram members

  • • 10,000 holders

  • • V2 Website deployment

  • • Initial Twitter Calls

  • • Youtube influencers

  • • More memes from community

  • • List cex exchanges

  • • Given up the ownership of the contract

  • 10.000+ Holders

  • • 100,000 holders

  • • Increase marketing

  • • Rainbow Bunny look for a partner to donate idol stream

  • • Add way more memes

  • Coming Soon


Transaction taxes 5% on buys and 5% on sells.

Low tax to keep Liquidity Pool at an excellent ratio with Market cap. The taxes are divided into four areas based on each purchase and sale: marketing, use when the price drops & charity, pay to the owner and a project development fee.

  • Marketing : 2% Funds sent to marketing wallet, Buy back & burn

  • Rewards : 2% Per transaction paid to the holders

  • Development Fee : 1% Towards further development

Asked Questions

Freequently Asked Questions

1. What is Rainbow Bunny Fan Token?

RBF is a coin representing the community that loves Anime and Animation.

2. What is the purpose of RBF?

Dev team will use 1% of the transaction fee to fund the animation and the anime worldwide.

3. Besides contributing to the animated movie, what else can RBF use for?

RBF will bring a net worth of 1 meme coin for those who love Animation and Anime. In addition, the development team will use % from the transaction fee to further support disadvantaged children.

4. Where can we buy RBF?

RBF will be listed as soon as possible. Please follow and support RBF on the Pinksales and Pancakeswap launchpad platforms.

5. % of RBF transaction fees?

The total transaction fee will be 5%, of which 2% will be used for the marketing budget, and the holders will share 2% and 1% of the operating costs of the development team.

6. Development orientation of RBF?

The RBF development team does not hold tokens; we will develop RBF into a coin for the community that loves Anime and Tho 7 Mau. We want to bring this funny bunny image to the world. All the team budget will come from taxation.

7. Marketing plan?

The RBF development team contacted the Kols, as well as popular channels. Let's wait for the explosion of RBF in 2023.